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If you feel different, weird, odd - this one's for you

For most of my adult life I felt lost. I am a creative, entrepreneurial person, and felt like a circle trying to fold myself to fit inside a square. I felt there was something wrong with me, and many of my friends would ask "why don't you just do [insert job here]". I really wanted someone to tell me what to do -but for it to feel right, and for it to work. But nothing really did. Not the degree, and none of the jobs. That is until I started to realize that some of us are just made differently, including me, and that that's okay. Some of us are content at jobs and some of us like to work for ourselves and both are okay. There was never anything wrong with me, I just needed to stop trying to be someone else. Since then I've enjoyed exploring my different interests and opened my Breathwork practice, Transcend Breathwork. It's my passion to help people transform their lives from the roots up -going deep into the foundations of their beliefs, releasing trauma and then building the life of their dreams on a solid foundation. That fills my soul cup. So, my question to you is - what fills yours? Are you an artist, a coach, a healer, an athlete, an entrepreneur, or maybe you just like a variety of things?

If you don't know yet, that's okay. It just means spending more time looking inward, listening to yourself, playing and exploring what brings you joy and fulfillment. And if it's something "different", or doesn't fulfill a status that your family or friends expect or impose on you -that's okay. We're here to live our own lives. Our best lives.

There is nothing wrong with being different, liking different things. There is nothing wrong with you.

Follow your own guidance. How? One way is to connect with your body to feel the subtle nuances of your intuition. The more you show up as fully as yourself, the more you can attract the people who will love you and all of those parts of you. Embrace yourself and find your kin.

With love ✌️

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