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Go to Mexico...Or Change My Life?

Go to Mexico...Or Change My Life?

That was the question I asked myself just before I began working with my healer, David, many years ago. I had just recently graduated from University and had plenty of debt to pay off and was working two jobs to try to get ahead and the $900 price tag seemed like a lot to me at the time.

But I was so unhappy. And I was so tired of being unhappy.

I thought to myself, "People spend $1000-1500 going to Mexico on an all-inclusive for a week all the time, and then come back and feel exactly the same two weeks later. Why wouldn't I spend that kind of money to feel better the rest of my life?".

So, with that perspective the choice was obvious to me: I was going to invest in myself, in healing, and in longer-lasting results. And it changed my life. Working with my healer was the beginning of opening myself up to this whole other world of holistic healing and spirituality. It also started the ball rolling in terms of seeing the value of investing in my personal growth, because I can see the results in my day to day life, as opposed to a vacation in which the only joy that remains in the smiles on our photographed faces.

From all of this inner work I have healed and peeled off a lot of old traumas and issues. I also now have both knowledge and tools that I use to help me when stresses and triggers arise - both old and new. That's the type of stuff that changes a person's life. It's changed mine.

So, if you feel any resistance to the price tag attached to something that's calling you for healing or self development (Breathwork, Bio-Energy Healing, Reiki etc.), I'd recommend that if it satisfies your research (of course I always research to make sure I feel it's legit), then go for it!

After all it's only an energy exchange. If not there, that money will likely get spent on dinners out, vacations, shoes etc. and all of those things are great but they're only going to make you feel good for a brief period in time and then you'll be right back where you started.

Anything that you invest in that develops you as a human being is almost always going to make you feel better long-term.

And you can have both - heck ya! Go for dinner after your session (I'm a foodie too, I understand!). But if you feel like you have to pick, invest in yourself.

You'll thank yourself for years to come.

~Wishing you a peaceful road, wherever it may take you <3

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