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Opening to the Infinite Unknown

the universe is infinite

There is so much more than meets the eye, a cliché yes, but one that feels appropriate here.

I’ve travelled to 26 countries now, and nowhere has impacted me as profoundly as South America. I have been humbled, having immersed myself in cultures far older and far wiser than the Western point of view in which I was raised.

It’s become clear to me that there are many different kinds of knowledge, not just the brain which we hold in such high regard.

The body holds knowledge. Like the quiet observer, the body holds wisdom that the mind cannot comprehend. It holds a truth that we often try to ignore.

Our higher selves, receiving downloads, that overarching understanding that comes - another form of knowledge that doesn’t get a lot of acknowledgement, but is nevertheless profound.

Our minds don’t have the capacity to make sense of it all. Not everything. And they don’t need to.

There is much more to life than our perspective and stifled imaginations would have us believe. See, the universe is not to be defined or limited by us. It simply is, whether we have the capacity to perceive it or not. This is why I give space for things that may seem improbable to me, but not impossible. For, who am I to determine what’s possible? That’s the ego that wants to define and control everything. And that is the real illusion.

People would likely have thought electricity was not real unless they saw lightning. That doesn’t mean it didn’t exist, just that we didn’t have the ability to perceive it before seeing it with our eyes. Our perception doesn't bring things into existence, nor the lack of our ability to measure or perceive it negate something's presence. And yet here we measure everything by scientific method, negating anything that doesn't fit into our experiment with our limited tools. The flaws in that seem inherent, and obvious, given that if we don't have the tools necessary to detect for example, a soul, then it's determined by science that there is no soul, rather than the admission that perhaps our instruments are not adequate or appropriate for the subject. It's like trying to detect a smell with a light meter.

I do think it’s important to use critical thinking when appropriate. Don’t get ripped off by a charlatan, obviously. And I do see value in science, of course.

But I also believe in leaving space for the unknown. And there is so very much of that.

As my partner describes, he says everything about what we know of the universe is infinite. Infinite space. Infinite time. Infinite dimensions. Infinite energy (as per the laws of physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed).

Infinite possibilities*

And maybe even miracles. For, miracles are just remarkable things we cannot explain.

When you open, who knows what you might find. I recommend you go there, to heal, to play, to the feel the fullness of human experience.

Here's to openness, to curiosity, to the delight of wonder.

Here's to hope, something we could all use a little bit more of these days.

May it fill your brave heart as you explore into the unknown.

~ Wishing you a peaceful journey, wherever it may take you <3

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