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Ready for Change?

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What One-on-One Sessions are like 




  • Try out Breathwork and discover how it feels in your body

  • Great for follow ups, check-ins, additional integration after packages are complete


$199 USD

Single Sessions

  • 1 One-on-one, 2 hour Session

  • Listening & Talk therapy

  • Conscious Connected Breathwork

  • Coaching & Integration

*All benefits and results listed are typical but ultimately depend on the individual, as they are in control of their body and therefore their process. 

Each session we dedicate 2 hours to your healing, growth and development.

The sessions are comprised of 3 main components:

Talk therapy
30-45 mins
1 hour
15-30 mins

First we begin with a counselling style where we can uncover the past, discuss what you would like to change and set intentions. 

Secondly, we start our Conscious Connected Breathwork session, in which you can lay back comfortably and begin a connected, circular breathing technique. Every person and session is different, so once the breathing begins, we observe what comes up. This could be a somatic release, emotional release, clarity or vision. Any and all of these are possible with breath.

Lastly, we discuss what came up during the Breathwork and there is coaching on next steps moving forward with the information we've discovered. Integration is key, it's where we set change into motion in 'real' life.


*All of this builds over time into a momentum that can create HUGE shifts.

A minimum of 10 sessions are recommended for those committed to true change.  

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