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Client Testimonials

Breathwork Client
"Working with Amanda was a true gift. I was able to transcend and transform with her help by facilitating my Clarity breathwork session. Amanda's tender and heart felt words, and gentle voice, melted away blocks that have been stuck in me for 5 years.
She is a true gem and gentle spirit. I am grateful for her guidance and for allowing me to feel safe in her presence. Amanda creates a sense of security and trust and that is what I needed to be able to open my heart.
I recommend for anyone who is interested in deep healing and transformation through Clarity Breathwork to work with this incredible woman.
Amanda helped me change my life and I pray that she continues on this journey of facilitating others as she has a gift that is incredibly powerful, gentile, authentic and she is very giving, supportive, loving, and kind."
Julie King
Opera Singer
California, USA
Breathwork Client
"Amanda is an insightful, intuitive and compassionate breathwork practitioner. She helped ask me the right questions for myself through her excellent active listening skills. She got right to the heart of what was going on for me.
I felt heard, seen and safe while diving in deep during my session. I highly recommend working with Amanda."
Christine Brusati
California, USA 
Breathwork Client
"In the wake of a divorce and a series of painful losses in my life I have been struggling to move forward. Amanda has been coaching me with breath therapy, assisting me on my path to healing. She creates a warm and safe space with her calm energy, kind spirit and empathetic nature.
Our sessions have helped untangle my overwhelmed thoughts and emotions; as well as isolate the root of specific pain which has been affecting my patterns and behaviour. I’m looking forward to continuing to explore breath therapy with Amanda."
Alana Chalmers
Abbotsford, BC
Breathwork Client
"Amanda was amazing! I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but Amanda was so great at guiding me through everything. She was really great at listening to everything that was going on in my life and helping me through the breathing. 
I have never done anything like this before but it was really uplifting and amazing to let go of the negative energy. It's been a couple of weeks now and I have been feeling positive and energetic. I can't wait to go back to her again! "
Karen Kainth
Langley, BC
Breathwork Client
"Thank You Amanda for the supportive field you held during the Clarity Breathwork weekend. Your gentle presence was a beautiful support to the work of the breath. The shifts within my mind and body created space and healing. Each time I’ve used breathwork to heal and open up more space in my psyche I find the freedom to fully live life with love and compassion.
Old habits and patterns literally melt away. Thank you Amanda for your grace and capacity to support and guide during the beautiful transformational process of Clarity Breathwork." 
Celia Sheppard Evans
Seattle, USA
Breathwork Client
"Clarity Breathwork cleans you up at the cellular level, exposing and decrusting emotional debris. I was really impressed by Amanda's guidance, who perfectly combines the heart & brain.
It's a very humbling journey, do not be afraid of feeling vulnerable and let breath do the work."
Marie Ignouf
Vancouver, BC
Breathwork Client
"I went on a retreat in Costa Rica and tried breathwork for the first time. I did 3 group sessions and got so much out of it.
When I came back home, I started researching breathwork and came across Amanda. I was quite anxious when I first got to my appointment but Amanda made me feel very comfortable.
She is so caring and loving and it feels like she knows exactly what you need. We sat and talked about my history and what I wanted to work on and when we started our session, she knew exactly what to say and when to say it.
I felt extremely safe and cared for and supported. She was just wonderful. Right after my session, I booked 9 more as I really believe in breathwork and in Amanda. Thank you so much for your support and love. I’m looking forward to working with you more 💜"
Shannon Belanger
North Vancouver, BC
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