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Transform Your Business
with Breathwork

Ready to Take Your Corporate Wellness to the Next Level?

Attract and Retain Great Talent

Do you want to attract and retain the top talent in your industry? Give them something incredible that they aren't finding anywhere else, and what's more, give them something they are also clamouring for - Mental Health.

Mental health is what Harvard Business Review is calling "the next frontier of diversity and inclusion", and wellness programs rank high in job selection especially for millennials.  Mental health wellness programs and services have been credited with increasing retention and ultimately, your bottom line. Just take a look at the articles published by the following publications:

CBC , Forbes, Huffington Post , and these on the benefits of breathing: New York Times , Business Insider,  and Harvard.

With information overload, people are feeling more stress and overwhelm than ever before. So, making the workplace somewhere to come to contribute their skills but also to relieve that stress is a game changer. We can reframe the workplace from a source of stress to a safe haven that employees are drawn to, and enjoy coming to each day.


Whether it's a having a resident breathwork Practitioner seeing employees one-on-one on site (similar to corporate massage), or fostering company bonding through workshops, breathwork is an incredible tool for stress relief, relaxation, clarity, and a sense of connection. It is a key to unlocking mental health, and providing it to your staff will make your firm stand out from the rest.

In Office 1:1 Sessions

Want to help your staff de-stress so they can get back to high level performance?

A Breathwork practitioner will come to your office and provide 1:1 sessions for your staff on a weekly, or monthly basis. 

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"A wonderful experience of healing and growth. I am learning there is so much more to breathing than I had imagined."
Sean Easton
 CEO, Global Rope Access

Corporate Services Available

Corporate Workshops

Have an upcoming special event or training  and want to offer something cutting edge and memorable?

Workshops are a great way to foster greater group bonding, as we de-stress, relax, and support one another. They are also an opportunity to meet other people in the office who may be siloed in different departments. Wellbeing is something we all share in common and is a great way to connect people.


How about a transformative weekend getaway?

Trainings and retreats offer us the opportunity to take space from our day-to-day environment and gain perspective on our lives and the breathing room to connect deeply with ourselves, try new things, and gain deep connection with others.

Our retreats include breathwork as well as other modalities to promote expansive personal growth.

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"Working with Amanda Asta was great. She brings a warm and welcoming energy, and guided us through a very unique experience. I have since recommended her to friends. I am looking forward to working with her again."
Jay Martin
 CEO, Cambridge House
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"What an incredible workshop. Highly recommended to reduce stress and create calm. All in a safe and professional environment. Thank you very much for your work I've already referred my colleagues."
Susan Washington
 Owner, The Washington Group

CEO Men's or Women's Groups

Are you a part of a CEO men's or women's group?

Now you can host your own workshop at home and have a breathwork practitioner come to you. Share this incredible modality with the people you know and watch them transform their lives. 

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