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Services Available​ 

Your Personal Retreat

Come stay with us in the forest

Book a soothing transformational getaway in our cabin sanctuary on Salt Spring island with 1:1 breathwork and food to nourish your soul.

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1:1 Sessions

Want to dive deep into your personal development?

1:1 sessions are a great option for those who are looking to transcend trauma, old destructive patterns, and expand into a new consciousness. 



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Want to try breathwork in a group setting?

Haven't tried breathwork before? Workshops can be a way to 'dip your toe in the pool' so to speak. They are also an opportunity to meet other people who are also on the path of self development, and support one another as we breathe to higher self awareness and healing.

Group Retreats

Sharing experiences that
last a lifetime

Retreats offer us the opportunity to take space from our day-to-day environment and gain perspective on our lives. It also gives us the breathing room to connect deeply with ourselves, try new things, and gain deep connection with others. Our retreats include breathwork as well as other modalities to promote expansive personal growth.


Deluxe Home Workshop  

Want to share breathwork with friends or a group you're a part of?

Now you can host your own workshop at home and have a breathwork practitioner come to you. Share this incredible modality with the people you know and watch them transform their lives. 


Heard about corporate breathwork at Goop?

That's because the power of breathwork for the individual is directly related to increased work performance and employee loyalty.
We all know the old adage "don't bring your personal life to work". But we all do, so let's be realistic and address it. Employees who are healthier emotionally are better able to focus on work, and are loyal to companies who show they care about them.

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