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Self Development Isn't Pretty...But it's worth it.

For anyone who's nervous to begin looking at their shadows, their childhood "stuff", the "issues" we push down and hope never surfaces -I hear you, it can feel scary. It can also be uncomfortable, very uncomfortable! But in the end, do you wanna walk around WITH it inside you your whole life, or do you want to be FREE of it so you can move on to your highest purpose, your highest self, and the life you are meant to live? That's the real choice. Not whether you can handle it or not -you can. And deep down I think a lot of us want to be free, it's in our nature. You are strong enough to face anything, any emotion, any pattern, any thought loop, any narrative that's been holding you back. I'm here on the path with you. Let's do it together ❤️ Sending love and strength to all the brave people out there looking inward and up-leveling their consciousness. This is what the human species needs to create more conscious decisions and a better world. Each one of you, working on yourselves are part of that. 🙌

~Wishing you a peaceful journey, wherever it may take you <3

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