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Healing as an act of Rebellion

When you think of rebellion, you might envision people marching the streets with signs, or petitioning for political changes.

But another way to be subversive that might surprise you is by healing yourself.

What happens when you heal yourself? You're no longer dependent on things like:

Alcohol (when it stops being fun, and becomes an escape)

Street Drugs (same as above)

Pharmaceutical drugs ('happy' pills)

Junk food (eating your feelings)

Fast fashion (retail therapy)

The list goes on and on. But the thing is, there are a lot of industries surprisingly tied to our unhappiness, and technically, profit off of it. And when we don't need them anymore, that demand drops and we can dramatically reduce the scale of those industries (none of which are doing good for people or the planet anyways).

So, if you wanna change the planet, but don't wanna get directly political- this is the good news, you can do it by healing yourself. PLUS you'll be happier anyways.

Win / Win!

Then you can share that healing and as I've said before, then we're a part of an incredible domino effect that heals the planet - BOOM - now that's something big to be a part of. Might start off small, but as the ball keeps rolling it's going to pick up speed.

~Wishing you a peaceful road, wherever it may take you <3

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