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8 Reasons to Try Breathwork

There are SO MANY reasons to try Breathwork, but here are the Top 8 reasons why I personally recommend it.

1 Relieve stress in your body

Many of us are so busy these days, we're often wrought with stress. As we know, stress is not only psychologically unhealthy, it can lead to other illnesses in the body such as tension leading to back pain, or stress ulcers.

Breathwork releases stress from the body at a cellular level and detoxifies the cells so you're not only relieving tension, but making your whole body healthier too.

2 Heal

Most of us have some healing to do. It's pretty hard to get through life completely unscathed. So, if you can imagine a runner trying to win a marathon with blisters all over their feet - it would seem pretty difficult, not to mention painful. The same is true for our emotional pain, as we try to achieve whatever our hearts desire (success, happiness etc.).

Old wounds need healing, and when they do, you can be free. Breathwork is a vehicle for healing. It brings things to the surface so they can be felt, be heard and finally, let go of.

3 Hear your inner voice

By the time we're adults, most of us have suppressed or dissociated from our inner voice. When I used to ask myself deep questions, I'd get nothing. So I kept saying "I don't know" to myself in response. Turns out it's not that we don't know, we do have the answers. In fact, we're the only ones who can have the answers to our personal questions. But we need to open that locked door. We need to find a way back to listening to our inner voice. Breathwork is one of those ways.

In Breathwork all the noise of our minds clears and we suddenly can connect the dots to things we had no idea were connected. We can see the bigger picture. Suddenly, questions that plagued us begin to make sense. In a world where everyone is busy and consumed with technology, Breathwork brings you back to yourself in an incredibly meaningful way.

4 Rewire your nervous system

Many of us experience what is called a Somatic Release when we do Breathwork. Our body shakes, twitches and jolts - which might sound funny at first but it actually feels very natural when you just let your body move the way it wants to. This free movement is actually your body re-wiring its nervous system as it releases tension that's been building up. We spend so much time stationary these days, often at work or at the computer. We also have a lot of stress and so allowing our body to shake it off- as the saying goes, literally helps us reset the nervous system.

When we've reset and come back to a neutral state, we're that much better able to handle whatever else comes our way, and enjoy a calmness in our bodies in the meantime.

5 Feel the change

Know better but don't do better? It's because you don't feel better. Most of the decisions we make are actually driven by our emotions. Therefore our actions are a direct reflection of how we feel inside. Yes we use our rational mind too but usually to justify the emotional decisions we've already chosen. Mary C Lamia Ph.D. wrote about it in her article on Psychology Today.

That said, when you get to the root of the emotion during Breathwork, you then can release that emotion. Releasing that emotion can free you to make different choices that are no longer being steered by it.

Feel better = Do better

When we do Breathwork we're able to combine the clarity in our minds with the sensations in our bodies - which lends to that experiential knowledge, that "Aha!" moment where everything finally clicks and you feel different inside. And that is when everything changes.

6 It's All-Natural!

Something that really spoke to me about Breathwork is that it's natural. You don't have to take any drugs- pharmaceutical or psychedelic, or use any devices outside yourself. It's all you. You doing the magic. You doing the healing. You discovering the universe inside yourself.

AND it's SAFE. *Phew!

7 Gain Clarity

A life by design is something that we may believe isn't possible. But really the only true barrier is a clear vision. Just about any building with a set of drawings can be built. The same is true for your life.

When you get to the core of who you are in Breathwork, you can experience profound clarity and that is the vision that carries you forward to creating the life you truly desire.

8 Change Your Life!

For many of us, healing is what's holding us back from our true potential. When heal old wounds and strip off those layers of bondage we suddenly can approach our lives with renewed vision and wholeness.

~Wishing you a peaceful road, wherever it may take you <3

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