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Why Personal Development Will Play a Vital Role as Automation Takes Over the Job Market

Automation, it has a lot of people feeling uneasy as it is poised to take over many jobs that people rely on for their livelihood.

While we could talk about the economic trickle-down effect that will have and what possible solutions could be enacted to support those left behind in the age of automation, I'd like to skip to a potential end result - which is that the majority of humans may not need to perform at 'jobs' anymore.

Imagine a world in which we have automated all jobs that are life threatening, unpleasant, etc., and allow for humans to use their creative brains to further develop technology, the arts, scientific discoveries and so on. To me, I feel like this is the natural progression of the human race. That outcome seems like a better use of our capabilities, a better use of our potential, and most importantly, a better quality of life for all (provided we have universal basic income implemented).

Whether this utopian vision comes to fruition or not, I've often thought about how our 9-5 jobs set us back developmentally. Many of us are so tired from our work week that there's little room for much else. By the time we've caught up on all the chores, errands, and a little social time squeezed in, we're back to the work week and do it all over again.

Where's the time to develop ourselves as human beings? To heal, to create, to experience new things? Some of us do find the time, granted that's how I got here. But for the masses to move forward, that's where automation could really make an impact on our free time.

But free time without purpose could be devastating, "idle hands..." and all that. However, I'd like to give us more credit. I think that the more personal development goes mainstream, the more people who would normally be stand-offish about healing and growth, would actually give it a try. If we experience a wave of healing, and consciousness raising - we'd be in a different world, a more compassionate, loving and nurturing one. Not to mention more fun! (yes free time = more fun, adventure and whatever else makes you happy if you so choose).

If not though, I fear a wave of depression would sweep over us because human beings thrive on purpose (insert existential crisis), and often we associate that with our jobs (even though I personally believe our purpose is more likely to be here to develop ourselves, rather than have more stuff). That could result in an increase in drug use, both illegal and pharmaceutical, crimes and violence and illnesses.

So, I feel that personal development has a important role in shaping our society as we move forward with automation. We can make this world as beautiful or as ugly as we want, but it starts at an individual level. Let's heal ourselves, raise our consciousnesses and make that go viral. That's the kind of world I want to live in.

~Wishing you a peaceful road, wherever it may take you <3

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