Transcend with Breathwork
Are you ready for change?
A Holistic Approach to Healing
Transcend combines Life Coaching with Clarity Breathwork.
This combines both the mind and the body, treating people as whole beings instead of just parts. With a focus on integration, each session activates deep healing and cultivates long-lasting change. 

What is Clarity Breathwork?

Clarity Breathwork is a special breathing technique that helps us take in more oxygen than we typically do when breathing normally. Through this technique the body becomes flooded with oxygen and we experience a change of state in the brain and the rest of the body. It is in this state that we can access recessed memories and traumas, but also find clarity and connect with the oldest parts of ourselves. 
Clarity breathwork can be a vehicle for inner child work, releasing trauma on a cellular level, revealing limiting beliefs, gaining clarity in vital areas of our lives, accessing euphoria, and transcendent personal development.
If you have been struggling with depression, anxiety, self limiting beliefs, destructive patterns, or are looking to find clarity, to gain access to your deepest desires and truth, or if you want to take your personal development to the next level - Clarity breathwork could be the solution you've been searching for.
See What People Are Saying
"Amanda's tender and heart felt words, and gentle voice, melted away blocks that have been stuck in me for 5 years."
"Old habits and patterns literally melt away.
Thank you Amanda for your grace and capacity to support and guide during the beautiful, transformational process of Clarity Breathwork." 
"Our sessions have helped untangle my overwhelmed thoughts and emotions, as well as isolate the root of specific pain which has been affecting my patterns and behaviour. "

Services Offered

From one-on-one private sessions, to corporate workshops, and leadership expansion, to mens' groups, womens' groups, family bonding, couples intimacy building breathwork sessions, there are many offerings available to suit your needs. 

Available worldwide via Zoom

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