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Heal, Grow, and Change Your Life Now
with One of the World's Top Transformational Schools.

Welcome to Transcend Academy

Our mission is to empower people to heal themselves, and we believe education is the key. Our programs and courses are designed to help you unravel all of the social and familial conditioning that may be holding you back from stepping into your fullest expression in this life. It will help you distinguish what's yours, and what's not.


In particular, what's in alignment with your true values, and what is no longer serving you so that you can rebuild a life that is a reflection of your true values.

Are you ready for change?

Then let's dive in.

Our Courses & Programs
Breathwork Teacher Training

Begin your healing journey and help others.

Our world class 400 hour teacher training is comprised of two main levels and spans 20 weeks plus a practicum.

Level One: Personal Transformation

A deep dive into your own healing so you can become an embodied teacher.

Level Two: Breathwork Mastery

Learn everything you need to know about how to facilitate private sessions, workshops, plus learn the biology of breathwork and become trauma informed.

What is Breathwork?
Connecting to Your Yin / Feminine

Tired of feeling burnt out, used up or uninspired?

Our upcoming course on connecting to your feminine may help restore you to your natural glory. 

This course is currently in a Beta program for womben, and will be released soon.

Want to know when it's released?

Join our waiting list here.

Sexuality Series - Coming Soon!

Ready for more fulfilling sex?

It's time to reclaim our sexuality. This sexuality series supports you to do just that.

Release your family, cultural, and social conditioning around sex. 

Revisit and reveal what you are truly into, excited by, and what feels truly good to you.

Release expectations, performance anxiety, and other blocks to your greatest pleasure, and connect deeper with your partner.

Learn how to work with your body, including traumas and pain, so you can feel, heal, and enjoy your sexuality even more than before.

Want to know when it's released?

Join our waiting list here.

See What People Are Saying

Kyra, Squamish BC

Sharaya, Vancouver BC

Additional Services Offered

From one-on-one private sessions, to corporate workshops, and leadership expansion, to mens' groups, womens' groups, family bonding, couples intimacy building breathwork sessions, there are many offerings available to suit your needs. 
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