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Discover, Heal, and Transform Yourself

Join our 100% Online Course, and start the journey of healing today.

  • Are you ready to heal?

  • Are you tired of repeating the same negative patterns over and over?

  • Are you ready to take your life in your own hands?

  • Do you feel the call for profound change?

  • Do you want to be free from your family patterns and conditioning?

  • Are you feeling as though you are in a 'mid-life crisis' and want to connect to who you really are?

  • Are you at a stage of life where you're considering your legacy?

  • Do you want to break out of beliefs that are holding you back?

  • Are you ready to learn why you are the way you are, and regain the power to create the life of your dreams?

Then this could be the program for you.

To be honest, this program isn't for everyone. We would love it to be, but not everyone is ready.

It is for emotionally mature adults who are ready to take full accountability for their lives and undergo a transformation that empowers them to shed all of the conditioning, shame, beliefs, and wounds that are holding them back and step back into the world as whole, healed, wild and free human beings. Does that sound like you? Is that what you desire?

Then let's dive in now.

Need some more details?

Social Proof

Hear the sincere experiences of people who have taken this course.

Kyra, Squamish BC

Sharaya, Vancouver BC

Judith, Hamburg Germany

Our Course Path and Pricing:


Introduction to Breathwork

  • 1 week

  • Fundamentals

  • $99 USD

Level 1

Level 1: Personal Transformation

  • 10 weeks

  • 5 one-on-one breathwork sessions

  • $2895 USD

Level 2


Level 2: Becoming the Teacher

  • 10 weeks

  • 20 student breathwork sessions

  • $2895 USD

(Level 1 pre-requisite)

Business Fundamentals

  • 1 week

  • How to start a breathwork business

  • $299 USD

(Level 1 & 2 are pre-requisites)


Complete Certification

  • 22 weeks

  • All 4 courses

  • Save $638 USD

  • Gain a career

  • $5550 USD

Do you want to take your coaching, wellness or health offering to the next level? 

Then you may be destined to go the whole way with our Breathwork Teacher Training.


Coaching is powerful work. Now imagine how much deeper you can help your clients when you're able to get to the ROOT of their beliefs, their behaviors, from deep inside their Limbic system. The breath takes us there, enabling us to rebuild from the foundation up.


Want to know how to get started? No problem.

Simply start with joining our Level One program. Once complete you will be put on the exclusive list for our next Level Two training (must be a graduate of Level One to join).

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