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Frequently Asked  Questions

1) Who can take this program?

-This program is for anyone who wants to heal themselves, and anyone who wants to help others heal. There are no prerequisites, and no required education. At this time, proficiency in English is recommended as materials are provided in this language.


It's recommended that you are in a stable place emotionally if you would like to complete the entire program and become a practitioner. But if you're hurting and ready to heal, then our Level One is perfect for you.

2) a. How much is the investment?

-The full program is $5550 USD.

       b. Do you offer payment plans?

-Yes, we have a payment plan available. Chat with one of our team members to get a plan that works for you so you don't have to wait any longer.

3) What's included in the program?


a. Intro to Breathwork

  • Gives you a foundation of what breathwork is, benefits, history and more

b. Level One will take you on a journey of personal transformation

  • Shed your social, cultural and familial conditioning to get to the heart of who you truly are

  • Release your blocks from birth to death and everything in between

  • Includes bi-weekly one on one breathwork sessions (5 private breathwork sessions)

  • Bi-weekly group support calls (5 calls)

  • Online written & video content at your own pace

c. Level Two you will learn how to become a world-class breathwork practitioner

  • Biology of breathwork

  • How to facilitate one-on-one sessions

  • How to lead group workshops

  • Become trauma informed *

  • Weekly group support calls

  • Weekly breathwork sessions with a partner to learn, experience and build confidence

  • + more, click here for more details

4) What makes this program different?

  • Science-based content that's spiritually informed (balanced) so you can relate to any client who comes

  • Psychology tools to bolster the efficacy of the breath and integration

  • Trauma informed content

  • Learn about breath biology, nervous system and how breathwork works

  • 5 private sessions given in our Level One by one of our master facilitators (not seen anywhere else) and 20 private sessions with a partner, totaling 25 private sessions. This means deep transformation that is made safe and possible through the utmost care. You are safe and held in this program.

  • 450 hours, with up to 2 years to complete for certification

  • Online, so you can do it at your own pace and you don't have to fly anywhere and pay extra costs. But still enjoy the group dynamic via our group calls, private breathwork sessions, and partner exercises.

5) When can I begin facilitating? 

-Once you graduate you can begin your practicum and that means facilitating the breath! If taken consecutively, you can begin facilitating publicly in 4.5 months.

You'll also get to build your confidence and experience facilitating in our Level Two when you're paired up with another student. So, you will get to facilitate in as early as 10 weeks.

6) What is the practicum like?


-Our practicum is comprised of hours required for one-on-one breathwork sessions as well as leading workshops. Nervous? No need to worry. By the time you graduate you'll know everything you need to complete both successfully. We've got you.

You will also have 2 years from commencing the program to complete it to become certified.

7) How many hours per week are required?

-On average, students spend between 3-5 hours per week with the online material (time and pace are up to you), and weeks with breathwork sessions are two hours. Our group calls are one hour.

So, in Level One the average would be 5-7 hours per week.

In Level Two, the average would be 7-9 hours per week as you will be breathing with your partner.

8) What is the difference between all the types of breathwork?


-Whether it's the Wim Hof Method, Biodynamic breathwork, or Clarity breathwork, there are a lot of different types of breathwork out there these days and that can be confusing. Many of the breathwork types we see are brand names that are off-shoots from the core types of breathwork, with each brand's personal take on it. Many of them are based on what's called 'conscious connected breathwork' or circular breath where the inhale and exhale are connected.

This is the style we teach at Transcend, except that we add psychology tools, teach you about biology and ensure you are trauma informed. You also learn the Transcend Method to breathwork, cultivated over years of practice by founder Amanda Asta.

9) I haven't tried breathwork before. Can I try a session before joining the program?

-Yes, of course. This is a great idea so you know it's right for you. Click here to purchase a session with one of our practitioners, and we will reach out to you to schedule a time.

10) I'm not ready to facilitate at this time, can I still take the course?


-Yes, you are welcome to join. Whether you wish to facilitate later or never, this program is open and available to you. Many people enjoy our Intro to Breathwork and Level One courses for life changing effects.

11) What can I do once I graduate?


-You can have a whole new career as a breathwork practitioner.

Or you can have a soul nourishing side-business that brings in extra income.

Here are some ways you can share the breath:

  • Private clinical one-on-one practice

  • Lead group workshops

  • Facilitate retreats around the world

  • Collaborate with other wellness practitioners to create programs

  • Be a guest breathwork practitioner for other professional retreats

  • Corporate breathwork

  • Women's and / or Men's groups

It's only limited to your imagination from there...

12) I'm ready. How do I get in the program?


-Click here to start your breathwork career with our Level One course.


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