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Are you ready to peel back the layers and reconnect to your true self?

Discover, Heal, and Transform Yourself

Join our 100% Online Course, and start the journey of healing today.

Welcome to Transcend Academy

Our mission is to empower people to heal themselves, and we believe education is the key. The Level One program is designed to help you unravel all of the social and familial conditioning that may be holding you back from stepping into your fullest expression in this life. It will help you distinguish what's yours, and what's not.


In particular, what's in alignment with your true values, and what is no longer serving you so that you can rebuild a life that is a reflection of your true values.

Are you ready for change?

Then let's dive in.

What you receive in Level One:


Level One: Personal Transformation

  • Work with your own professional breathworker who will be assigned to you for 5 private one-on-one sessions

  • Unravel your social conditioning to reveal the core of who you are as a free and sovereign human being

  • Heal, process, and release stress and trauma 

  • A deep dive into your:

    • Birth

    • Family Dynamics

    • Attachment style

    • Romantic Partnerships

    • Social Conditioning

    • Identity

    • and more +

  • An opportunity to reveal, heal and set yourself free

  • Videos, audios, written content, meditations


Are you ready to heal?



  • You can get the complete course online on YOUR time from anywhere in the world!

  • This course is perfect for busy professionals, parents, or those who simply don't want to travel for personal development.

  • It has never been a better time to heal.

  • Many people are suffering from extra stress and anxiety related to COVID-19 and are looking for ways to heal and cope. Your healing will have a ripple effect on those you care about.

  • Invest in yourself, your mental health and your future.

What You Need to Know:

Start Anytime, from Anywhere

Designed for people who are working, or not, parents or not, the program is FLEXIBLE and works around you.

Start anytime, from anywhere in the world, and get the healing you need to move forward in your life.

Price $2895 USD

Make 1 payment here

or make 4 payments of $750 USD

An Investment You Can Build On

Start with healing yourself, then turn it into a meaningful career.

This course is the prerequisite to the Level 2 of our breathwork teacher training.

So if you decide you'd like to continue your healing journey and help others, you're already on your way.

Program Length

10 Weeks

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What Graduates Are Saying

Learn from a boutique breathwork company that has review after review of hearts forever changed.

Kyra, Squamish BC

Sharaya, Vancouver BC

Ceylan, London England

Judith, Hamburg Germany

Lucy, Vancouver BC

Samantha, Anmore BC

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Transcend was rated in the Top Four Breathwork Trainings in:


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Our Courses and Pricing:


Introduction to Breathwork

  • 1 week

  • Fundamentals

  • $99 USD

Level 1

Level 1: Personal Transformation

  • 10 weeks

  • 5 one-on-one breathwork sessions

  • $2895 USD

Level 2

Level 2: Becoming the Teacher

  • 10 weeks

  • 20 student breathwork sessions

  • $2895 USD


Business Fundamentals

  • 1 week

  • How to start a breathwork business

  • $299 USD


Complete Certification

  • 22 weeks

  • All 4 courses

  • Save $638 USD

  • Gain a career

  • $5550 USD

See who you'll be breathing with:

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